Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Five Skills You'll Definitely Need During Self-Isolation

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A lot of people are finding themselves a little under-equipped for life in quarantine. It only makes
sense, we were never prepared for it. But now we’re living in it (if we’re being the cautious, smart
people we should be), and life on your own, without any unnecessary trips outside or to meet other
people, can be pretty demanding. It requires a specific set of skills, one we should start polishing

Growing your own food
As part of the self-isolation process, a lot of people are trying to minimize how often and why they go
to the store. Doing your shopping online is one way, but as more people do it, they find that the wait
times for shopping are getting much longer. You can give yourself more ways to avoid unnecessary
trips outdoors and even save money by learning to grow your own veg.

Regardless of what level of skill you have at cooking, now is the perfect time to keep sharpening
those skills. After all, we’re less likely to rely on takeouts as more places are closing for the duration
of the pandemic. There are online recipe apps that are constantly updating with new tutorials,
showing you not only new meals you can cook but skills that can help you liven up even your old
recipes, adding new tastes and textures to them.

Appliance repair
If something breaks in the house, what do you do? If you’re the kind of person who usually hires
someone to fix it, you might find it difficult. A lot of people aren’t as willing to come and visit their
customers and you should possibly be wary, too. But you can learn a lot of appliance DIY online,
from how to fix a broken microwave to how to maintain your own AC. Small tasks, such as replacing
or cleaning certain parts, can save you a lot of money, even after self-isolation is over.

First aid
Everyone is a lot more mindful of health and safety, given the nature of the current crisis. As such, a
lot of people are wondering if they could be of more help should something like this happen again.
You don’t have to wonder, there are online first aid courses that can show you that, yes, you can be
precisely the person to help.

Appreciating the little things
We’re going to be spending a lot more time indoors or in our own company, meaning that it’s easy to
get frustrated. However, we should all take this time to find what we can be thankful for. Our family,
our homes, our hobbies, think of how much more difficult this situation might be if we did not have
the little things in life to keep us going.

We have no idea how long this current pandemic will last. It could be weeks, it is more likely to be
months. The skills above will help us get through it and even help us be a more reliable and
self-reliant person on the other side.

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