Thursday, April 30, 2020

Baby Incoming: Preparing For a New Arrival

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Whether you’re about to become parents for the first time or are adding to an already extensive brood, every baby is a blessing and chances are you’re eagerly anticipating your new arrival. However, we all know that as small as babies are, they come with a lot of stuff and so preparations can take the length of the pregnancy. If you want to get organised and make sure you have everything ready for your precious bundle, here are some things to consider.
Is your home suitable?
Do you have space for a baby in your current home, and is it suitable? If you live in a top floor, tiny apartment which can only be accessed by stairs for example, then probably not. While babies should sleep in their parents rooms for their first six months of life, they’ll eventually need somewhere of their own- whether that be their own room or sharing with siblings. If you know that you’ll have to move eventually, doing this now before they arrive can actually make things easier (and when you’re pregnant, you can leave the heavy lifting to everyone else!) Use a loan calculator to see what kind of property you can afford to buy, or look into rental listings for a home thats suitable. Ideally you’ll want something safe in a lower crime area, enough space and bathrooms, perhaps even a garden for your little one to play in. If you already have a suitable home but are short on space, you could consider renovating. Such as transforming the loft into a bedroom for yourself or an older child, extending or even adding a garden room outside. 
How are your finances?
There are plenty of things that are marketed to being ‘must haves’ to new parents, the truth is your baby probably doesn’t need half of them. However, there are some essentials you’ll need to buy and these can be expensive. A pram, a car seat, a crib, clothes, bottles, milk, nappies, it can all add up. The best thing you can do is start early, if you’re a little superstitious and don’t like buying too soon then save the money instead. But buying something small or saving a little each week will add up, and then at the end you won’t be left with a huge expense to cover. Check out second hand bargains and ask friends and family who have had children if they have anything you can borrow or have. Now is a good time to try and get out of debt if you can and even save up some extra cash since you won’t be working after having the baby for a number of months.
Do you have space in your car?If you already have children who use car seats and booster seats then you might have no more space in your vehicle for a new baby. Children can only ride in the passenger seat once they meet a certain height restriction (for most it’s aged about eleven years) so this is something to think about. You might need to sell your smaller car and buy something bigger and more practical. If this is your first baby, the car you currently own might not be suitable (perhaps its a sports car with only two seats) so could mean making a change too. If your current model only has three doors then this will mean pulling back the seat to put the baby in the back each time which can become tiresome and bad for your back. Something with five doors, a good amount of boot space and decent safety ratings would likely be your best bet. But again, it’s another cost to consider. If you already own a car, part exchanging or selling what you own would at least give you a chunk of cash towards the next one
A new baby can mean huge changes in your life, particularly if this will be your first child. Once you’ve already started your family, having more likely won’t be as dramatic a change as you’ll already be in the swing of parenting business, but there are still the above practicalities to consider.
Do you have a baby on the way? How will you be preparing for their arrival?

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