Monday, May 4, 2020


I love finding new Bibles! Of course God’s Word never changes, but I love how different Bibles present God’s Word and help us navigate through it. The brand new Life Essentials Interactive Study Bible is a Bible you are going to love!

The Life Essentials Interactive Study Bible  ffers 1500 principles to live by from Dr. Gene Getz. Dr. Getz is a Moody Bible Institute graduate and pastor. He also has a radio program called Life Essentials. All through out the Bible you’ll find principles to help you live a God centered life. There are also 1500 teaching videos. I love this feature! When you see a QR code in the Bible, scan it with your smart phone for a teaching video. You get to read, watch, and learn to apply God’s Word!

Each book gives an intro to help you know the author, timeline, and details about that book. You’ll find all the principles to live by for that book listed at the beginning of each book. There are also cross reference verses to help you dig deeper. And in the back you’ll find maps and a concordance.

The Life Essentials Interactive Study Bible is a wonderful Bible for new believers or mature Christians looking to study deeper. Enter to win the Life Essentials Interactive Study Bible by completing the tasks in the rafflecopter below. Don’t want to wait? Click HERE to get your Bible!


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