Wednesday, May 20, 2020

How to Keep Your Faith Strong During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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The novel Coronavirus can be an unbearably unveiling even for even the utmost faithful Christians. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, most churches have suspended their services and are turning to alternative ways of preaching the gospel to its followers. Social distancing can be a more significant challenge for churches. However, faith leaders all over the world have agreed on the following tips to keep your faith strong during the Coronavirus pandemic.
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Have Hope

Find hope and inspiration amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Remember that God is still in the business of defending His own. It is normal to feel hopeless in the face of layoffs, dire economic indecisions, and the spinning storms of misinformation. However, there are still moments of strength and hope that people can share in this pandemic. Try as much as you can to reach out more, either by telephone, video calling, or social media.
The other way to show hope and compassion is by working together as a community. There have been various cases of good Samaritans who offer to pick provisions and help with other chores for neighbors, strangers, and the less fortunate. Some groceries have selected a time for seniors to shop so that the elderly and those with health issues can shop without worrying about overcrowding.

Find Space in Your Home to Worship God

People have lost their jobs, and others are afraid of losing their jobs. At times like this, Christians sit through readings and teachings about faith and walk out strong, and nothing can move them. But, you cannot go to church due to overcrowding and the fear of COVID-19 spread. Instead, try to find spaces in your home where you can worship God.  Avoid going to churches to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Remember that churches are reporting Coronavirus cases because they are defying the stay-at-home orders; for instance, some churches have had at least 22 COVID -19 cases.

Give Offering Online

Since most churches have closed their doors, you can give offerings online. You must develop your budget around giving on a fixed basis. Several churches have set up various platforms for giving, for example, Giving Kiosks, Website Giving Forms, and different mobile giving apps. Across the globe, churches are embracing financial technology in many ways, which has proved to have a positive impact on charitable giving.

Use Technology

Remote worship can be quite challenging, especially for people who were starting on their spiritual journey. Many of us miss the ability to assemble in a shared space and participate in religious practices as a community. If you love worshipping together with your friends, consider planning a worship service online. To have a successful online congregation, make sure that you communicate with your colleges in ways like Facebook, your church’s website, or even email to get their thoughts. Using the platform that you will host your service, hold a meeting ahead of time to practice, and get comfortable.
If you have decided to go online and worship with your friends, make sure that you choose just one reliable platform to avoid confusion. When selecting the best platform to hold your service, consider the number of people you expect to take part in and pick a suitable one for you. Make your service more fun by using the Life Essential Interactive Study Bible.

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