Wednesday, January 6, 2021


For the past 10 years, I have chosen One Word to focus on for the year. I have smaller goals and things I work toward, but one big word to really focus on and grow in. The first year, I didn't take it serious and don't even remember what my word was. The next year my word was intentional, then heart, pray, water, me, marriage, joy, progress, and last year was less. All such great words! I didn't perfect my words, but I definitely grew and learned in those areas.

For 2020, my word, less, really came true! Due to COVID19 and quarantines, we had less busyness, less noise, and less spending. I cut my social media use way down and I decluttered much of my home. Less was a great help! I didn't master less in everything. I wanted to consume less sugar, that didn't happen! I wanted to work on my attitude, have less of a bad attitude, that didn't always happen either. So while I didn't master less, I did work on it and feel great about how my year with less went.

On to my One Word for 2021....

As I thought ahead to what I wanted for 2021, it was simple: I want to be rooted in Jesus. With all of the struggles 2020 brought, it was my faith in Jesus that kept me. So for 2021, I want to deepen my roots in Jesus.

A tree's roots grow deep. When you see a tree, often the roots underground are just as big as the tree. Sometimes bigger. Those strong, deep roots are what hold the tree. They help the tree bend in the wind, yet stand strong. I want to grow my roots so when the wind (life's struggles) blow, I can can stand strong.

In order to dig my roots into Jesus, I have set some daily action plans. Some of my action plans I have been doing for quite some time and some are new.

In the morning
1. I start and end my time each morning with prayer.
2. Next, I read one chapter in the Bible,  following the Woman to Woman Bible reading plan.
3. Then, I use my Write the Word journal from Cultivate What Matters. I started this year with Cultivate Faith, Grow Roots in the Word.
4. Finally, I read a daily devotional. I started this year with Take Heart: 100 Devotions to Seeing God When Life's Not Okay.

It sounds like a lot, but depending on my prayer time, it only takes thirty minutes to an hour so it really isn't long at all!

At bedtime
1. I write down two or three things from my day that I can praise God about. This is a practice I started when my grandfather passed away a year ago to help me find the good even on bad days.
2. Then I read a daily devotion from God Sees Her: 365 Devotions for Women.

1. I joined Chrystal Evans Hurst for a 28 day prayer journey. This is an online study to help grow my prayer life. I am so excited about this!
2. I got the Search the Word collection from the Daily Grace Co. Search the Word is an in-depth study on the Bible. This study is a six week study, however I want to take my time. If it takes me six months or even the whole year, that is totally fine.

These are the things I am doing to deepen my roots in Jesus. As the year progresses, I may add other resources and tools. I am so excited to work on my faith and roots this year.

So tell me friend, what is your word for 2021? If you don't pick just one word, what are your goals or resolutions?

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