Tuesday, January 5, 2021

3 Cross-Curricular Activities To Improve Your Homeschool Lessons

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If you want to keep your kids engaged with your homeschool lessons, you need to think outside the box. Sitting them at a desk all day long and getting them to do worksheets isn’t that exciting and they will respond much better to hands-on activities. You will also get more out of your day if you can encourage them to get involved in cross-curricular activities. These are activities that help with lots of different lessons and improve skills naturally, without necessarily feeling like a lesson. These are some of the best cross-curricular activities to incorporate into your homeschool day.  


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Cooking is an important skill for all children to learn and it’s also a brilliant cross-curricular activity to try. Alongside teaching them how to cook, you also get them to practice their math skills by weighing out ingredients. They improve their vocabulary by learning new ingredients or the names of new cooking techniques (you can get them to write these words out as an added bonus lesson too). You can even introduce a bit of science if you spend some time talking about exactly what is happening to the food as you heat it up or how the different nutrients will affect your body. Creativity is also very important in cooking, so encourage your kids to experiment with their food and create something new. 

Creative Writing 

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Creative writing is obviously a good way to improve reading and writing skills and also to encourage creative thinking skills. However, it can also be used to make any other subject a bit more exciting. For example, if your kids find history lessons boring, why not have them write a story about an event or a historical figure? You can get them to write stories about any subject and it will really bring things to life, while also working on their literacy skills. There are even companies like Studentreasures Publishing that will make a class book from their creative writing, which is a great keepsake for the family. Next time you’re struggling to keep your kids engaged with a boring topic, why not turn it into a creative writing exercise and see if that gets them interested? 


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Exercise is an important part of any child’s routine but did you know that it’s also an effective way of getting them excited about school? Most people underestimate the educational value of sports, but there are actually a lot of great opportunities for learning. For example, most sports involve quite a lot of math to work out the scores. You could use it as an opportunity for teaching science as well if you give them a lesson on the forces acting on a football as it flies through the air, for example, or the different muscles that are worked as they play. Getting outside and doing something active engages the brain and improves concentration, so you should definitely use sports as an opportunity for learning whenever you can. 

Introducing these cross-curricular activities to your homeschool day can make your lessons so much more engaging.


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