Wednesday, February 3, 2021


My word for 2021 is rooted, I want to become deeply rooted in Jesus. To me, this means cultivating a more passionate and consistent prayer life, reading the Bible more, studying the Bible, striving to obey God, and exercising my faith in Him. One of tools I am using is a Write the Word journal from Cultivate What Matters.

Each day offers a place to write the date and something you are thankful for. Next, there is a Scripture prompt. Before I open my Bible to this Scripture, I pray asking God to help my eyes and heart to be open to what He wants me to see in the Scripture. Then I read the verses. After reading the verses, I write them out. The next page of the journal has a space to write what is on your heart. For me, I write one or two sentences about the verses I just read and wrote, then I write out a brief prayer. Last, there is a space to write a word or sentence that you want to focus on for the day. And lastly, I pray again.

Write now I am using Cultivate Faith. This Write the Word edition starts at the very beginning, getting us to the roots of our faith journey. We find Scriptures about the beginning of time, the prophecy of the coming Savior, and our call to repentance.

Friend, what Scripture are you writing this week? Do you use a Write the Word journal? Do you use a blank journal or notebook?

To order a Write the Word journal, click the image below:


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