Wednesday, June 23, 2021


If you've been around here awhile, you know how much I love Write the Word journals. These beautiful journals are a daily part of my quiet time. I have also given journals to my adult daughters and gifted them to others, that is how much I love them!

There is something powerful about writing something down in your own messy handwriting. It is like you are etching it into your heart and mind. Many people, me included, learn better when they write something out instead of just reading it. That is what Write the Word journals do. They help you write out God's Word as you etch it into your heart and mind.

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Cultivate What Matters just launched new Write the Word journals in a brand new collection: Psalm! The Psalm collection is broken down into five different journals. Psalm chapters 1-41, chapters 42-82, chapters 83-118, chapter 119, and chapters 120-150

Each journal has beautiful gold foil detail on the cover. The covers of the Psalm collection are slightly different from the regular Write the Word journals, while the cover is very strong and thick, it is not the board covered in vegan leather. Inside is a two page spread for each day that includes a place to put the date, something you are thankful for, a preselected verse from the chapters in Psalm, space to write out the verse, a space to write out thoughts or a prayer, and finally a space to write a word or thought for the day. At the back you will also find four Scripture cards to punch out. These are perfect for keeping in your wallet or on a mirror so that you will see them often! 

You can order each journal on its own, or my favorite way is to order the bundle of all five! When you order the bundle, you save $31 and qualify for free shipping! The bundle is definitely worth it! Please keep in mind this is a presale and journals will ship in mid-July.

Another difference with the Psalm collection and regular Write the Word journals is there isn't a ribbon page marker. But that's ok! Cultivate What Matters has beautiful magnetic page markers that match perfectly! You can also get the faith sticker pack to add pops of color to your journal pages.

I love using Write the Word journals and I know you will too!

To order your Write the Word Psalm journals, click the banner below!

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