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I haven't done a Powersheets update in a couple of months so I thought it was time! The Powersheets Goal Planner is what I use to help keep me on track with the things I want to accomplish. Having my Powersheets is like having a goal coach or life coach walk beside me, encouraging me and cheering me on.

Before I share my August goals, let's check out July! July was a wonderful month. I made some great progress in some areas and was able to see where I was lacking to try and kick myself into gear.

Working through August Powersheets Goal Planner! #Powersheets #Goals #Goalplanning #CultivateWhatMatters

July goals:

♦ Faith: Growing in my faith and walk with God is always my number one goal. Each day I had my morning quiet time which included reading my Bible, doing my Write the Word journal, and praying. However, I have not done my nighttime devotional in quite awhile and need to get back to that. At the beginning of the year I purchased the Search the Word Collection from The Daily Grace Co. This is an in depth study on the Bible. I have looked through the study, however I still have started it yet.
♦ Marriage: Marriage is also an important goal that I always work on. My husband and I had a wonderful month! Each weekend we went camping at the lake. We absolutely love that time away just the two of us. We also have been going out to dinner one night a week just the two of us. This mid-week date is so fun! We married very young and had kids right away, so it honestly feels like we are dating again! One of my weekly action steps is to ask my husband what I can do to serve him. He almost always says nothing, but I want to be available to him if he ever needs me to run an errand, do something at the house, or even pray for him.
♦ Family: We had some fun family time in July! We celebrated Independence Day at the lake with our kids and some friends. We also planned a special Sunday outing where we road the downtown streetcar, went to the river market, and had lunch. I love getting together with my kids! I have had a monthly action item on my Powersheets almost all year that I still have not completed: family photo book. I still need to do our 2019 and 2020 books and start on our 2021 book. Mercy it is so much work but I love having it done and really need to get on it.
♦ Home: In July my husband and I had a day where we worked on the yard and outside of the house for an entire day. It was hard work but very much needed and worth it. I have been wanting to paint the living room and dining room all year and we just haven't gotten to it. I am just going to put it off for now and plan to accomplish that this winter.
♦ Ministry: I have been working on a project (I cannot wait to share with you!) and had a lot of behind the scenes work to do. I kept up on ministries at church as well as blog posts and social media for the blog.
♦ Health: This has probably been my biggest accomplishment right here! As a housewife who loves being home as much as possible and my ministry work is all done sitting at the computer, I don't get a lot of steps in. Sometimes the end of the day comes and I am embarrassed by the small number of steps I've taken. I want to work on my health -not weight loss because that can be overwhelming, I just want to be healthy no matter what the scale says or what my jeans size is. In June I decided to challenge myself to meet my step goal of 9,000 steps every day. I didn't make it. I didn't get 9,000 steps every day, but I did most days! Saturdays and Sundays I missed every time, but Mondays through Fridays, I hit it every time! I decided to challenge myself to do it again in July and the same thing happened, I didn't hit 9,000 steps on the weekends, but I did on the weekdays. For me, that is huge! If you've been following along with me on Instagram, each morning I share a story with my Fitbit showing my steps for a morning walk. I don't do this because it is a huge number or my tiny one mile to one and a half mile walk is huge (mercy, I see people sharing five mile runs, RUNS!). I share it because for me, it is big and I pray that someone, even if it is just one person, sees that story and thinks if she can do it so can I.
♦ Piano: For the time being, I have decided to lay this goal down.

Okay, there was July! Now let's move on to see what August holds.

Working through August Powersheets Goal Planner! #Powersheets #Goals #Goalplanning #CultivateWhatMatters

August goals:

♦ Faith: Each day I I will have my morning quiet time in the morning which includes reading my Bible, doing my Write the Word journal, and praying. I plan to get back to my nighttime devotional as well. It is a 365 day devotional and I am just going to jump to the current day and get to it!
♦ Marriage: My husband and I are going continue our once a week mid-week dinner date and our Friday nights at the lake. This month is our 24th wedding anniversary. We have already exchanged gifts but we will have a special dinner later this month.
♦ Family: We have a family getaway planned and we are so excited! It will be my husband and I, all of our kids, and the grandbaby! And I really need to work on our family photo books.
♦ Home: I am planning to clean the carpets, I try to do this once a month but didn't get it done in July so it really needs it! I am also hoping to organize closets this month, one closet at a time.
♦ Ministry: I have some big work coming up this month for my special project, and I get to share it with you later this month! I also have to work on ministry schedules for church.
♦ Health: I am going to continue taking a walk each morning. As much as I hate mornings -and sweating- I have actually come to really enjoy this time. I spend the thirty or so minutes in prayer and enjoying nature. In July, I walked Monday through Saturday so I want to keep up with walking six days a week. And because I hit my step goal of 9,000 steps every weekday, I am thinking of upping my goal to 10,000! Hmm, should I?

Working through August Powersheets Goal Planner! #Powersheets #Goals #Goalplanning #CultivateWhatMatters

There you have it! Those are my goals and action steps for this month. What are you working on this month?

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