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Studies show that when you write something in your own handwriting your brain is able to process the information better and you increase the chances of the information being stored for later. So applying this train of thought to the Bible, when we write out Scripture in our own handwriting, we are helping our brain to process and store what we read and write.

Write the Word #cultivatewhatmatters #writetheword #writethewordjournal #Bible

Cultivate What Matters helps us use this theory to write out Scripture with their beautiful Write the Word journals. I've personally been using Write the Word journals for several years now and absolutely love them! The journals make a beautiful addition to my morning quiet time. They also make a wonderful tool to throw in your purse and work through on your lunch break, while waiting at the doctor's office, or while sitting at the park with your kids.

Write the Word #cultivatewhatmatters #writetheword #writethewordjournal #Bible

Write the Word journals are hard bound with vegan leather covering, a ribbon bookmark, beautiful gold foil detail, 70 preselected Scripture based on the journal theme, 4 Scripture art pages with journal prompts, and undated so you can start whenever. Each journal page has a place to write the date, a place to record something you are thankful for, a Scripture reference and space to write the Scripture out, a place to journal thoughts or a prayer, and a space to write out a word or thought to focus on for the day.

Write the Word #cultivatewhatmatters #writetheword #writethewordjournal #Bible

You can get a Write the Word journal for whatever situation you are facing or whatever area you want to grow in. Here is a list of journals:

Cultivate Contentment
Cultivate Confidence
Cultivate Forgiveness
Cultivate Joy
Cultivate Renewal
Cultivate Hope
Cultivate Faith
Cultivate Prayer
Refresh Your Mind
Fruit of the Spirit
Choose Your Own Scripture
Psalm Collection - 5 volume set
Write the Word for Kids
Write the Word Kids Adventure

Want a fun bundle? They have you covered! Get the Write the Word Starter Bundle which comes with a Write the Word journal of your choice and the faith sticker pack to add pops of color to your journal. Or my favorite bundle, the Custom Write the Word Bundle which lets you pick three journals. This bundle is perfect for stocking up your own shelf or gifting to a couple friends!

Write the Word journals make perfect gifts! I gifted these journals to my three adult daughters with cute pens and they love them! Know a young adult headed off to college? Get a Write the Word journal and tuck gift cards to Walmart, Target, and Starbucks inside. Know a new mama? Get a small basket and add her favorite chocolate, a candle, and a Write the Word journal. Know a school teacher heading back to school? Get a cute bag and add teacher school supplies and a Write the Word journal.

Write the Word journals are restocked today so be sure to pick up your favorites because they will go fast! To order your journal, click the banner below or HERE.

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