Wednesday, October 6, 2021


Setting a New Year's Resolution has never worked for me. Just saying this is what I want to do, only gets me to about mid-January. However, about five years ago I found something that actually works!

The Powersheets Goal Planner from Cultivate What Matters is the perfect tool to help you with your goals. Not only do Powersheeets help you with a goal, but they help you cultivate what really matters in your life.

Powersheets walk you through prep work that helps you learn what is most important to you. They help you decide what goals you need to set and why you need to set them. Then, Powersheets help you cultivate each goal with daily, weekly, and monthly action items. And, Powersheets help you celebrate little by little progress.

Using Powersheets has tremendously helped me with big picture goals and with the little every day habits I want to cultivate. Powersheets have been life changing for me.

Cultivate What Matters is launching the 2022 Powersheets collection today! This collection is amazing!

The 2022 collection includes so many great items!
-Powersheets Goal Planner - 5 cover options to choose from: Blooms, Green, Teal, Clear Skies, Coral, and Natural Linen
-Accessory Pouches - 3 options to choose from: Blooms, Teal Tile, Light Blue
-Carry All Pouch - Perfect for your Powersheets - 5 options to choose from: Pink, Light Blue, Teal, Teal -Tile, and Natural Tile
-Tending Tape - 2 options to choose from: Neutral and Bright
-Magnetic Markers - 3 options to choose from: Teal, Coral Pink, Light Blue
-Everyday Notebook
-Sticker book
-Daily Planner Notepad
-Wildcard Pack
-Weekly Sticky Notepad
-Break It Down Notepad
-Snap In Bookmark
-Snap In Wildcard Holder
-Cultivate Conversation Card Deck
-Intentional Action Card Deck - 3 options to choose from: Wellness, Faith, Parenting

Cultivate What Matters makes their Powersheets and accessories to last! The Powersheets covers are firm board covered with a beautiful linen material. Then the linen is coated so it won't stain! Spill coffee on it? Just wipe it off! Making lunches and drop a glob of jelly? No problem, just wipe it off! The inside pages are just as amazing. The paper is super thick so your pen, highlighter, and marker will not bleed through or show through.

The Carry All Pouches and Accessory Pouches are made from a vegan leather and are also wipeable. The insides have a soft lining. These pouches are perfect for carrying all of your Powersheets and supplies. They also great for carrying makeup, mask, or anything!

The Powersheets Goal Planner is perfect for all women! It doesn't matter if you are single or married; have no kids, have littles, have teens, or an empty nester; working away from home or stay at home. Powersheets will help you cultivate all the things in your life.

I've used Powersheets as a mom of teens and now as a partial empty nester. I've used them for ministry, my books, household chores, all the things. Powersheets really are for all women.

Grab your Powersheet today and plan to make 2022 your best year yet! The collection goes live today at 10am EST, to shop click the banner below!

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