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When I started getting back into the Word in 2010, I started with a Bible and an Our Daily Bread quarterly devotional. I hadn't read the Bible regularly in several years and was trying to find my way back and find my routine once again.

Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him!
Psalm 34:8

Pretty soon I tasted the goodness of the Lord and spending time with Him and five minutes of rushed reading turned into ten minutes of reading and prayer. Then I tasted more of His goodness and ten minutes turned into twenty. The more time I spent, the more I tasted His goodness and the more my time would grow and become more passionate.

Before long my Bible and little devotional were joined by a highlighter and pen, then a journal added to the mix, then more pens and more highlighters. My little stack of supplies were slowly growing so I reached for a basket to house everything.

How a quiet time basket helps with Bible reading. #Bible #GodsWord #Biblereading #quiettime #devotions #Biblestudy

My "Quiet Time Basket" became an important part of my day. This cute little basket held all I needed in my daily quiet time. Throughout the past twelve years my Quiet Time Basket has changed and developed.

I've had several different baskets, changing sizes as needed and styles to match my home. I even switched to using a Quiet Time Bag for several years. The contents of my basket -or bag- have also changed with time.

How a quiet time basket helps with Bible reading. #Bible #GodsWord #Biblereading #quiettime #devotions #Biblestudy

So why use a Quiet Time Basket/Bag?

In my daily quiet time I use my Bible, I also like to have a second study Bible in a different version just in case, I use a blank journal, my Write the Word journal, a plethora of pens and highlighters, and normally will have a devotional or study book as well. This is quiet a bit of supplies.

Using a basket or bag helps to keep everything together in once place. Having everything already together means I don't have to go searching for my Bible or just the right highlighter or my journal, it is all together and ready.

It also makes for easy transportation. I keep my basket under the end table in my living room, however, I don't do my quiet time in the living room all the time. I often like to sit at the dining table, so I can grab my basket and carry it to the table.

How a quiet time basket helps with Bible reading. #Bible #GodsWord #Biblereading #quiettime #devotions #Biblestudy

Having everything together, easily accessible, and ready to be moved helps me spend more time with God instead of setting up to spend time with Him. It also is a reminder to me of how special it is and what a privilege it is that I get to read the Bible. I see my pretty little basket sitting there all set up and ready for me brings a spark of joy to my heart.

Is a Quiet Time Basket/Bag necessary? No. But it can be helpful. It has certainly helped me in my daily quiet time.

How a quiet time basket helps with Bible reading. #Bible #GodsWord #Biblereading #quiettime #devotions #Biblestudy

My current Quiet Time Basket:

One Step Closer Bible
CSB Study Bible for Women
Bible reading plan
Write the Word Journal
Blank Notebook for journaling
Accessory pouch
Pilot Frixon Erasable Highlighters
Zebra Sarasa Pens

1. Do you use a Quiet Time Basket/Bag?
2. If so, how is it helpful to you? If not, do you think it could help you?
3. What supplies do/would you add to your Quiet Time Basket/Bag?

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