Tuesday, January 11, 2022


If you turn the TV on at any time of day, you find so much garbage. Even shows that claim to be for the family are full of cursing and innuendo. That is why I love PureFlix! I recently discovered a show on PureFlix that is so good.

Sons of Thunder follows biker and combat vet Simon as he rides across the country working odd jobs and helping those in his path. Simon made mistakes in his past while in a biker gang and now that he has found Jesus, he is trying to live the straight and narrow.

Sons of Thunder is a really good show. My favorite thing is watching Simon learn more about Jesus and how everywhere he goes, he asks if people know Jesus.

Season 2, Sons of Thunder: Redemption, starts later this year. If you don't have a PureFlix account, you definitely want to get one now! You will love Sons of Thunder as you wait for Sons of Thunder: Redemption to start.

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