Wednesday, January 5, 2022


Yesterday I shared my One Word for 2022, and while I have one big area I want to focus on, I also have goals to work toward. For this, I use Powersheets.

I've been using the Powersheets Goal Planner from Cultivate What Matters for about five years now and love it! This goal planner helps me really dig in and find what matters most to me in each season of life and helps me cultivate those things with little by little progress.

Powersheets were instrumental in the writing of Joyful, Patient, Faithful and Gratitude Mom DevotionalIt has also helped me with every day habits.

Here are my Powersheets goals for 2022!

Faith - Cultivate a passionate prayer life • Start and end my day with Jesus • Read the Bible daily • Write the Word journal daily • Memorize Scripture

Marriage - Pray daily for my husband • Love my husband well • Serve him with gladness • Date regularly

Family - Pray daily for my family • Get together often • Laugh together

Finances/Home - Tithe regularly • Keep up on bills • Save money • Watch needless spending

Ministry/Work - Pray for those I minister with and to • Write • Regular blog posts • Keep up with blog social media • Keep up with church ministries

Health - 9000 steps daily • 80 ounces of water daily • Vitamins daily • Watch sugar intake

Friends - Pray for others • Reach out • Send cards of encouragement

Fun - Enjoy lake days with my husband • Relax • Read for fun • Laugh more

Each month I will set monthly, weekly, and daily action items to help me toward these goals, though some of my goals won't have all three. Since my Powersheets goals are mostly habits to cultivate, my action items from month to month are often similar. Here is a look at January!

Daily - Start and end my day with Jesus. Do Write the Word journal daily.
Weekly - none
Monthly - Memorize John 14:27

• Marriage
Daily - Pray for my husband.
Weekly - Ask my husband what I can do to serve him during the week.
Monthly - Spend quality time together.

Daily - Pray for my family.
Weekly - none
Monthly - Get together for dinner and games.

• Finances/Home
Daily - none
Weekly - Tithe. Pay weekly bills.
Monthly - Watch unnecessary spending.

Daily - Pray for those I minister with and to.
Weekly - Write. Write blog posts for the week. Schedule social media for the week.
Monthly - Do monthly church schedule.

Daily - Take 9000 steps. Drink 80 ounces of water. Take vitamins. Watch sugar intake.
Weekly - Go on at least 2 walks.
Monthly - none

 Friends - 
Daily - none
Weekly - Pray for friends.
Monthly - Send out 3 cards of encouragement.

 Fun - 
Daily - none
Weekly - Do something to relax.
Monthly - Read two books for fun.

As I complete each action item, I will mark it off on my Tending List -this is my favorite page of the Powersheets each month! Seeing the progress is encouraging. And when I don't see progress, it gives me the nudge to get busy.

Whether you have daily, weekly, or monthly habits you want to work on or you have big picture goals, Powersheets will help! It is not too late to get started! Pick up your Powersheets Goal Planner today and make 2022 your best year yet! Just click the banner:

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