Friday, January 28, 2022


Recently I shared about a Pureflix series I was loving. Sons of Thunder follows biker and combat vet Simon as he rides across the country working odd jobs and helping those in his path. Simon made mistakes in his past while in a biker gang and now that he has found Jesus, he is trying to live the straight and narrow.

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Season 2, Sons of Thunder: Redemption is out now and it is just as good! Caleb is part of the same biker gang Simon was in, Devil's Hand. Once Caleb spends time in jail, Simon visits him and helps him find God. Now, Jacob is ready to make the past right.

Episode 3 is my favorite so far! It is all about first impressions and chance meetings, ranch poachers who are just trying to feed their families, perception vs. reality, forgiveness, coming clean and doing honest work for an honest living, and salvation and taking responsibility for past sins.

If you're looking for a wholesome family show Sons of Thunder and Sons of Thunder: Redemption are great options! Pureflix is full of shows your family will love and learn from.

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  1. My favorite faith based movie is Fireproof. Thanks.

  2. My favorite is courageous, it came out shortly after we lost our 16 year old son to an auto accident and it helped me through my grief

  3. I enjoyed the God's Not Dead movies, but there are so many good ones!


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