Wednesday, February 9, 2022


Reading to my children was always something I loved to do. Now, I have the special blessing of reading to my grandson. Today I am excited to share a new children's book we love and I know you and your littles will also love.

#GoodMorningLittleOne #AmyKavsPaint

Good Morning Little One, written and illustrated by artist Amy Kavelaris, is a beautiful book. The soft colors and beautiful pictures catch your eye with their whimsical imagery of nature and animals. Yet the words, they hold you in.

#GoodMorningLittleOne #AmyKavsPaint

Each page, along with its beautiful images, shares hope, encouragement, and promises of God. "Hello there, precious little one. It's time to rise and shine. The day greets us with fresh new hope - oh, I'm so glad you're mine!"

#GoodMorningLittleOne #AmyKavsPaint

Good Morning Little One makes a touching keepsake gift book for a child's Easter basket, baby showers, and other new beginnings such as adoption, a new sibling, or the first day of school.

Pick up this beautiful children's book below!

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