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My husband and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this year. 25 years! In some ways, it feels like we've been together forever (in a good way!), yet in other ways it feels astonishing to be celebrating this milestone.

Our marriage is important to us. My husband and I entered into this covenant young -I was only 17 when we married, don't do the math, I will be 42 this year- but it is not something we take lightly. We are careful about who we let speak into our marriage and we are careful to protect our marriage. We are always looking to grow in our relationship and never let things get mundane or stale. I even put action steps into my Powersheets Goal Planner every month to work on my marriage.

#TheFlirtationExperiment #FlirtationExperimentMIN

I was beyond thrilled when two women I love and respect wrote a new marriage book! The Flirtation Experiment by Lisa Jacobson and Phylicia Masenheimer is all about putting magic, mystery, and spark into your everyday marriage.

In The Flirtation Experiment, Lisa and Phylicia tackle topics such as affection, passion, playfulness, kindness, desire, adventure, laughter, celebration, attraction, connection, vulnerability, mystery, affirmation, refuge, friendship, and much more. Each woman shares their own experiences, what led them to this point of trying this experiment, and real stories from real women who just wanted to grow in their marriage.

#TheFlirtationExperiment #FlirtationExperimentMIN

Lisa shares of a time her husband came home and being busy, she felt annoyed when he came up behind her for a hug. After shrugging him off, sending a clear leave-me-alone message, she says, "But then, out of nowhere, I had this wildest idea come into my head. What if...what if instead of brushing him off, I twirled around and leaned back into him? I suddenly had to know."

Phylicia shares of her dislike for physical touch and how any acceptance she had for this act of love was taken by her children. She says, "I didn't realize it them, but my disdain for physical touch was actually a fear. I was terrified that reaching out to my husband would result in rejection." She goes on to say, "Once I recognized what fear was doing to me and my marriage, I had  a starting point." She began with small, somewhat awkward, touches like a hand on his arm while they sat on the couch."

At the end of each chapter, Lisa and Phylicia share a section called Your Flirtation Experiment. This is where they encourage you do go a little deeper and do your own experimenting. By the end of the book you will have been encouraged by stories of real marriages, found hope to grow in your own marriage, and experimented in your own flirtatious ways.

While I'm an empty-nester and have been married nearly 25 years, my daughter has been married close to 4 years with a toddler and a little one on the way, and my daughter-in-love will soon celebrate their first anniversary and they do not have little ones, this book will be a blessing to them in their stages as it is to me in my stage. I highly recommend this book to all women no matter the number of years they've been married or season of life they are in. If you are newlywed or already passed that silver year, The Flirtation Experiment is for you!

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