Tuesday, March 22, 2022


Company that loves Jesus.

Company that cares about people.

Company that wants you to succeed.

Company that helps you build an intentional life.

That is the kind of company Cultivate What Matters is! Cultivate What Matters literally helps us cultivate what is important in our lived. I have been a fan, supporter, and shopper at Cultivate for years now and love this company.

Today Cultivate What Matters is launching their Spring Tent Sale and you don't want to miss it!

You can get discounts of 25% off and even more on some products. 25% off Write the Word Journals, tending tape, and more. 50% off candles, stickers, and more. This sale really is big!

Here are some of my favorite products in the sale:

Write the Word journals. I love Write the Word journals and use them daily. Each journal has a theme and the preselected Scriptures fall in line with the theme. The journals help you to slow down and linger as you write out Scripture. Personally, writing it out in my own handwriting helps me to really let it sink into my heart.

Stickers. I love using stickers in my Powersheets, Write the Word journals, and my planner. They add a fun pop to each page.

Tumblers. These tumblers are adorable! These 24 ounce tumblers come in two 2022 Cultivate patterns and are perfect for sipping on water throughout the day or even grabbing a nice glass of sweet tea or lemonade!

Accessory pouches. These pouches are perfect for holding all the things! I use these pouches for clean facemasks, highlighters, colored pencils, makeup, and more. Another great thing about these pouches is the elastic band, makes it easy to attach to your Bible, planner, or Powersheets!

Tote Bag. This tote bag is amazing! It is the perfect size for holding all the things. Use it for your Bible study supplies, a pool bag, gym bag, purse, anything!

It's never too late to get started cultivating good things. Shop the Spring Tent Sale and grab everything you need to make this a great year. Just click the banner below.

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