Wednesday, September 21, 2022


When we marry, we get a life long companion. We also get a life long supporter. In turn, we get to be a life long supporter. I am not talking about supporting your mate financially. I am talking about supporting his goals, dreams and visions. I am talking about, in the words of the country legend, standing by your man.

Whether he realizes it or not, your husband looks to your for support and encouragement. Whether you realize it or not, you can build his dreams or kill them.

5 Ways to Support Your Husband #marriage #wife #support

When my husband was a children's pastor, he enjoyed having fun, messy games for the kids each week. Most of his game ideas come to him in his sleep. Years ago, he began to keep paper and a pen in his nightstand to jot down ideas. His dream was to eventually compile these ideas into a book for other children's pastors. One day while cleaning his drawers out, I accidentally threw his papers away. They were rumbled and I didn't realize what they were. While I should have payed closer attention to what I was doing, it was an accident. But to my husband, it was like I was saying it wasn't good enough and he couldn't write a book. Eventually he did realize it was purely by accident. But for a long time it crushed his spirit. Now, he has a nice notebook in his nightstand so that this mistake doesn't happen again.

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