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Go With the Grain! 5 Ways To Get More Fiber

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Looking after your health is all about getting the right nutrients, in conjunction with moving more. One of the most important nutrients we all need is fiber. Having more fiber is crucial for our health because it can help with weight loss, reduce constipation, and can also lower our risk of heart disease and diabetes. So what does it take to get the recommended amount of 25g a day for women and 38g for men?

Pulses and Beans

Eating the Mexican way of life can be a fantastic approach to ensuring you are getting more fiber in your diet. From pinto beans to refried beans, there's a lot the Mexican diet can do in terms of upping your fiber intake. This layered taco dip recipe at myincrediblerecipes.com has 16 oz of refried beans, which is a whopping 23 g of dietary fiber!

Eat Your Oats

Oatmeal is an amazing source of fiber. When you start increasing your fiber intake oatmeal is one of the best approaches. Half a cup of raw oats offers 4 grams of fiber, and you can increase this by adding fruits, nuts, and seeds. You can make a very simple and tasty oatmeal recipe with a cup of oats, a cup of freeze-dried berries that you can find in the supermarket, a little honey to sweeten it up, and peanut butter stirred through it. It's high in protein, fiber, and will keep you going!

More Vegetables in Your Meals

You need to eat lots of vegetables, and if you are not a particularly big fan of vegetables, they need to be eaten first as this can help you to eat fewer calories, which is ideal if you're trying to watch your weight. Vegetables blitzed up in a soup can also work wonders as the more vegetables there are, the higher the fiber intake.

Eating More Fruit

Fruit is fantastic for fiber, but it's about using the right ones. For example, a small pear will have almost 5 grams of fiber. Having an apple paired with some peanut butter doesn't just make for a tasty and healthy snack, but will give you a nice dose of protein as well.

Eating More Whole Grains

Whole grains have more fiber and are more nutritious. There's a great selection of whole grains available, such as quinoa, buckwheat, and millet flour. You can start by making oatmeal with quinoa or use buckwheat flour to make your own bread. The list is endless. 

If you are trying to get more fiber into your diet it's vital to remember that you are able to keep track of how much you are putting in your body. There are fantastic resources out there that can help you to track this effortlessly. Websites like myfitnesspal.com can help you to make sure you are eating the recommended daily intake of fiber. But when you start getting more fiber into your life, you will feel the benefits. You will be fuller, more energetic, and life will be yours for the taking!

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