Wednesday, September 7, 2022


To the tired mom...

To the tired mom... #motherhood #parenting #mom #tired #worn #exhausted

who hasn't slept well since the baby was born.

who was up all night with a feverish child.

who is struggling with potty training.

who is battling with a 'biter.'

who reread the same book already a dozen times today.

who hasn't had time to shower today because of a roaming toddler.

who is fighting with her preteen child that insists on sassing.

who cannot get her child to obey and clean their room.

who wishes she didn't pick up the exact same toy ten times a day.

who stays up late at night because her teen daughter is off on a date.

who is worried about her teenage child's purity.

who is worried about her adult child who lost a job and has children to care for.

who is worried over her child's health issues.

who really just wants a full night's sleep.

who just wants to see her children come back to God.

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