Tuesday, December 6, 2022


When my youngest was only about eighteen months old, I noticed he was going around our house picking up books and saying, "Jesus" and "Bible." I thought this was sweet, yet odd.

Unfortunately, I wasn't in a place in my walk with God where I was reading the Bible regularly and I hadn't been showing a Bible to him. Then one Sunday morning I walked by the church nursery and peeked in. Our sweet nursery worker was sitting on the floor with the kids quietly sitting around her, and an infant in her lap.

As I looked closer, I noticed each child, even the infant, had a New Testament Bible in their hands. They were caressing the Bible as she led them in saying, "We love Jesus and we love the Bible." Tears formed in my eyes. It struck me that our kids need the Word of God just as much as we do. Their souls crave it, even if they don't know it.

As a mom and former children's pastor, I am a huge advocate for children having their own Bible. Our kids need to have access to the Word of God and they need to learn how to read the Bible and care for their Bible.

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With my love and passion for children having their own Bible, I am thrilled to share with you the brand new CSB Explorer Bible for Kids!

The CSB Explorer Bible for Kids has fun facts, timelines, pictures, and much more that will help kids see the Bible as real, exciting, and life changing. You child will even find QR codes to scan with a phone or tablet to bring fun and engaging videos, discussion questions and activity pages.

CSB Explorer Bible for Kids #csbbible #kidsbible #explorerebible #christmaswishlist #kidsgift #childrensbible

The CSB Explorer Bible for Kids invites young readers to investigate both the world
and words of Scripture, including the history of real people and their cultures.

The CSB Explorer Bible for Kids is available now in a hardcover and four leather-touch editions.

CSB Explorer Bible for Kids #csbbible #kidsbible #explorerebible #christmaswishlist #kidsgift #childrensbible

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