Tuesday, April 18, 2023


If I am not careful, I can be first-class worrier. I come by it honestly. My Mom and Mamaw were worriers. I remember growing up Mamaw always had a radio on. That off button was never pushed. She would listen for the local traffic report and news and if she heard of an accident that was near the path anyone in her family was taken, she would stop and pray until she heard they were home safely. This is me.

Then my children hit adulthood, more worries come. Enter the year 2020, need I say more? We wake up with worries over our current day and our future. We go to bed wondering about what tomorrow will bring. We spend needless time wondering how we can fix it, how we can make sense of it, or how we can solve it.

God Knows #godknows #lisawhittle #faithoverfear

Lisa Whittle knows this feeling and in her new book God Knows, she teaches us to stop underestimating God's powerful hand at work and begin to understand how His omniscience affects our everyday life.

Lisa says, "God is good, He loves us, and He will bring what is undone to competition, both in us and in this world -what is right and what is not right." Inspired by the book of Nahum, God Knows is a detailed behind-the-scenes picture of what God's great knowing entails, and how His omniscience provides daily perspective to bring the healing and peace we are all desperate to find.

God Knows #godknows #lisawhittle #faithoverfear

As always, Lisa shares personal stories and Biblical truths as she points us to God and helps us to see that we are never alone. Whether you are struggling with worries and whys right now, know someone who is, or just want to be prepared for the worries and whys of life, God Knows is a powerful, must read book.

Pick up your copy of God Knows HERE. To enter to win a copy of God Knows, click HERE.

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