Tuesday, April 18, 2023


Everywhere we look we are faced with negativity. Social media, TV, movies, books, magazines, people, negative words and ideas flood our hearts and minds.

My daughter recently shared how every time she opens TikTok, she is bombarded with negativity. She said, "Every time I open TikTok, I get more videos on how I need to fix myself, stop eating sugar, don't use a towel to dry your face, use this facewash, don't use this, it became very overwhelming. I felt worse about myself every time I opened the app." It's everywhere and it is so damaging!

That is why I am so excited about the new You Are Loved Collection!

You Are Loved

The You Are Loved Collection is a beautiful Scripture writing journal and 52 Scripture and affirmation card set. Each day you will find an affirmation, space to write out a Scripture verse, and a journaling section for reflection and prayer.

You Are Loved

Each 4x4 affirmation card goes with the journal pages. The cards are beautiful card! They perfect to display or carry with you as a reminder of God's truths.

You Are Loved

The You Are Loved Collection would make a lovely gift for Mother's Day or graduation. During the months of April and May, you can get 30%  off the You Are Loved Collection with code BLOG30! To check out the collection, click HERE.

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