Tuesday, June 13, 2023


Music is a big part of our lives. We listen to music as we drive in our cars, as we clean our homes, as we workout, and more. With music playing such a big role, it is important to find good music that also glorifies God.

Julie Elias - The Dreamer #thedreamer #julieelias #christianmusic #worshipmusic #chistianartist

Julie Elias does just that. Her new album, The Dreamer, is so good! Every single song on this album is amazing. I especially love listening to You Make Me Brave, Radiant Love, and River Runs Dry.

“The Dreamer” is Julie Elias’s newest album and was birthed in this time of uncertainty. As an optimistic adventurer, the idea of being confined and stuck was something Julie had never experienced. “I had the range of COVID emotions,” says Julie. “On one hand, I was so blessed to have another job that was considered ‘essential’ to pay my bills. Without traveling, I got to spend a lot of time with my dogs and horses that brought me a lot of inner peace. But I hated not getting to see family and out-of-state friends whenever I wanted. Without traveling to sing and lead worship, I was so worried about being forgotten as an artist who didn’t have label support or a huge fanbase. My loneliness was exacerbated like never before…the insecurities that I had somewhat worried about previously became overwhelming; I had anxiety like I never had experienced. I forgot what it felt like to get excited for anything…and frankly, I was afraid to since everything seemed to end in disappointment.”

If you are looking for some great Christian music, check out Julie Elias's new album, The Dreamer wherever you stream music! Click HERE for more info.

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