Friday, August 18, 2023


I am a huge fan of faith-based, family-friendly movies. Movies that not only entertain, but share a Gospel message. That is why I was so excited for the new true story, The Hill.

The Hill #thehill #thehillfilm #inspriationalfilm #movie #mustsee

The Hill is the true story of the young Rickey Hill from a small impoverished Texas town. Like many young boys, Rickey is obsessed with baseball; but not only is he obsessed with the game, he has an extraordinary ability for hitting a baseball -despite a degenerative spinal disease that has him bound to leg braces.

The Hill #thehill #thehillfilm #inspriationalfilm #movie #mustsee

Rickey's pastor father, played by Dennis Quaid, discourages him from playing baseball in order to protect him from further injury. But Rickey has a passion and a gift. When he is faced with opportunity to try out for the majors, it could be at the demise of his family.

The Hill is a great movie that your family will love. It opens in theaters August 25th so make plans to visit your local theater!

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