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How to Best Support Your Child's Learning

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If you have a child at school, you’ll know how tough it can be to keep up with all they are doing. Many kids are reluctant to talk to you about school. This can mean you’re unsure how much progress they’re making and if they’re actually doing okay at school.

All parents are keen for their kids to do their best at school. As you know, making the absolute most of your education can provide some pretty big advantages later in their lives. But striking a balance between encouraging them to perform well at school and not putting them under intense pressure can be so challenging.  This is something that loads of parents spend time worrying about. 

Research carried out by Harvard and Stanford University’s collected data to produce an Education Recovery Scorecard. The data showed following COVID-19, students were on average half a year behind where they should be for math and a third of the year behind in math. Right now, you’re probably wondering how you can get your kid back up to where they should be. Take a look at these ideas to help make this happen:

Talk to Their Teacher

Not all schools let you know right away if your kid’s grades drop. So, if you are a little suspicious that they’re not doing as well as they could, act on it now. Chat with your kid’s teacher to discover exactly how they’re doing. Also, ask if they can let you know where they need to work on their skills. Knowing where they’re at now with their learning and grades will let you watch their progress. You can then compare this to see if your efforts make a difference.

Keep Reading

Of all the things you spend time doing with your kids, reading is one of the most crucial. Reading with your child makes a massive difference to their education. They’ll learn new words, boost their vocabulary and spark their imagination. There are a ton of good reasons to read with your kids, plus it can be lots of fun for you, too. 

Get Some Extra Help

It would be impossible for parents to know precisely what their kids need to learn and how to teach it. So, you may find it really helpful to get your kids some tutoring outside of school. If your family already has a busy schedule, you may find it loads more convenient to use an Online Tutoring Company so that you don’t even need to leave home.

Focus on their Interests

If your child is less than enthusiastic about learning, you could really mix things up a bit. Making learning a lot more fun can make a vast difference. If you want your child to really start to engage with their education, you need to make it more interesting. This could mean reading books about subjects they love and going on visits to galleries and museums. Ensuring that these interactive methods are included in their learning makes a huge difference.

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