Wednesday, November 15, 2023


 Picture this...

You wake up a few minutes late and it throws the whole morning off. Before you realize it, it's time to leave. You have to get the kids to school and get yourself to work. Halfway to work your stomach rumbles, reminding you that you didn't have time to eat breakfast. You glance at the clock and sure enough, there is no time for breakfast today.

Or maybe this...

You are going about your day with diaper changes, a fussy baby, a rambunctious toddler, a mountain of laundry, and a sink full of dishes. You get the kids fed and laid down for a nap, then you walk to the kitchen to grab something to eat. On your way, the baby lets out a wail telling you how much she needs you. As you try unsuccessfully to rock her back to sleep, you realize lunch isn't happening for you today.

Don't Skip, Adapt #womenoftheword #bible #quiettime #biblestudy

In either scenario, does missing a meal mean you don't eat at all that day? Of course not. You'll eat the next meal or grab a snack as soon as you can. You don't say to yourself, "I missed breakfast so guess I am not eating at all today." You just adapt. You will at some point in the day eat something.

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