Wednesday, November 15, 2023


Sharing our testimony with others and telling of all God has done for us is so important! People need to see what God brought us from and what He is doing in our lives now.

Today I get to share the testimony of Carolyn Weber through the new movie Surprised by Oxford. In Surprised by Oxford. we follow American student, Caro Drake, to the University of Oxford on a scholarship for her PhD. Caro is a brilliant student who knows that knowledge is power, yet, she is emotionally guarded and wounded.

Surprised by Oxford

While Caro is at the school of her choice, pursuing her dream, she is unhappy and lost. Through relationships with fellow student, Kent, and a mentor, she slowly begins to open herself up to vulnerability, faith, and love.

Surprised by Oxford has a good message of finding hope, faith, and love. I enjoyed hearing Caro's testimony. However, throughout the movie we see numerous references to s*x, there is a lot of drinking, and cursing -even from those who claim Christianity. These aspects disappointed me. I love faith based movies, but when I turn on a faith based movie, I do not expect to see this.

As I mentioned, the testimony is good and the story is good, but if you decide to watch Surprised by Oxford, I would be mindful of the situations mentioned.

For  more info on how to watch, click HERE.

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