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Every year we utter the mantra "Jesus is the reason for the season!" Every year we start out with grand plans to truly keep Christ as the very focal point of our holiday. And every year we fall short.

Busyness quickly takes over. There are cookies to bake, gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, decorations to put up, parties to attend, outfits to plan, cocoa to drink, movies to watch, music to sing to, meals to prepare, snow angels to make, and more. None of these things in and of themselves are bad. They are precious memories we are making even. Yet, they are not the reason we have this day to celebrate.

We know that Jesus is reason, we know that this day is for us to remember and honor our King that came to this earth to live, suffer greatly, die, and rise again. All for us. But how can we truly keep Christ at the center?

Five Practical Ways to Keep Christmas About Jesus #Christmas #BirthofJesus #HolyPals

Here are five practical ways to help you and your family keep your focus on Jesus this holiday season.

Be okay with saying no. Maybe that means no to too many parties. Maybe it means no to too many gifts under the tree or too extravagant of gifts. It can be easy to get caught up in "yes" when we should be saying no a little more often. Become okay with letting the answer be no for a better yes. Yes to family. Yes to rest. Yes to focusing on Jesus.

Purposely pause each day. Each day pause as a family to reflect on the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Maybe at breakfast or at dinner. Maybe in the car on the way to school or at bedtime. Whenever it is, pause and reflect. Say a prayer together giving thanks for Jesus. Another fun way to do this is to use your nativity! Put the baby Jesus away for now; then each day take Joseph and Mary and have them travel to another room in the house. You can even have a family member act out an innkeeper saying there is no room. Then, on Christmas before you begin your festivities, Joseph and Mary can arrive at the stable where you bring out baby Jesus. This interactive way of pausing will bring the story to life for your little ones.

Watch a movie about the true meaning. Christmas movies are so much fun! I love snuggling in with a fuzzy blanket and cocoa as I watch a Christmas movie. Along with your fun movies, be sure to watch at least one movie about the true meaning of Christmas. A couple options are The Nativity Story and The Star. Great American Pureflix also offers a wide range of faith based Christmas movies that will point your family to Jesus.

Read the story of the birth of Jesus. At least one time this holiday season, read the story of Jesus' birth. Our kids used to love to sit by the tree and read Christmas books. There is just something so fun about sitting under the lights of the tree and reading about the holiday. You could keep a basket of books at your tree and each night before bed read one together as a family. Make sure you offer books that are about Jesus and keep a Bible in the basket to read the story straight from God's Word.

Wrap your family in the Word of God. Over twenty years ago we began a tradition with our kids that we still to this day celebrate: Christmas jammies. Last year we found a company that is more than snowmen and Santa hats and we love it. Holy Pals offers Christmas jammies with meaning. Each pair of pajamas shares the story of Jesus birth with beautiful prints and even has the Scripture reference tagged right onto the pajamas. Holy Pals pajamas are super soft and cozy, made with great quality and care. What better way to pause and reflect as you help your child get ready for bed and what a precious reminder on Christmas morning that the day is about more than opening gifts. When shopping at Holy Pals, use code JENIFER10 for 10% off!

Five Practical Ways to Keep Christmas About Jesus #Christmas #BirthofJesus #HolyPals

Five Practical Ways to Keep Christmas About Jesus #Christmas #BirthofJesus #HolyPals

What are other practical ways you keep Christmas about Christ?

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  1. We love using an advent devotional, so we are reminded of God’s love throughout the month..everyday!


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