Wednesday, November 22, 2023


 I am an avid reader. I love a good book. A clean, faith-based novel is my favorite. I remember the first time I read a "grown-up book." I was in the fifth grade and I had read and reread and again reread all of the Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley books and desperately wanted something different. My mom had Janette Oke's series, Love Comes Softly, so I picked up book one and was hooked. I've since read the series many times over and it's still my favorite.

Whether you, too, are an avid reader or not, you know how a book works. You don't pick up a novel and jump around, reading a page here and a page there, never completing the book in its entirety. That literally makes zero sense! You would never get to truly know the characters or plot and you would definitely miss out on important details.

Read the Whole Book #Bible #Biblereading #quiettime #womanoftheword

It's the same with the Bible. When we just skip around reading a verse here or there and never read the Bible in its entirety, we miss out on all the richness God intended for us. Wo don't get to know the people of the Bible, nor do we truly get to know the heart of God.

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