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Easter is just a couple weeks away. Everywhere our children look they see chocolate bunnies, yellow chicks, eggs, candy, and all the glitz that draws their attention. We need to help our children understand what Easter is truly about. We need to make Easter meaningful.

Help them have a meaningful Easter #easter #resurrection

Here are a few ways you can make Easter meaningful for your family this year.

Read books that share the true meaning of Easter and Jesus. A few books we love are Twas the Season of Lent, Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story, The Easter Story, and I Am. And of course, read the story of the crucifixion and resurrection from the Bible.

Resurrection Eggs. This dozen of eggs is a fun, interactive way to go through the true meaning of Easter. Each egg has a token to symbolize something of Easter inside, such as a donkey like Jesus rode on or coins to represent when Judas sold Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. The eggs come with a teaching booklet to help guide you along.

Resurrection Garden. A resurrection garden is a wonderful way to teach about Jesus and incorporate nature. My friend Sarah Geringer gives a step by step guide to creating a resurrection garden HERE.

Choose their Easter basket treats wisely. It can be easy to stuff their baskets full of candy and toys. Instead, fill their basket with a new children's Bible, Write the Word Journals for Kids, crayons or colored pencils, stickers, one sweet treat (one treat is okay, fun even), and a small stuffed animal (perfect for a Bible reading buddy). If you have teens, you can still create a meaningful basket, just use a new Bible, Write the Word Journal, faith stickers, cute pen, and a sweet treat. I share more about a meaningful Easter basket and have a giveaway HERE.

Wear Holy Pals PJs. Holy Pals PJs are pajamas with meaning. Each pair of pajamas is not only soft and made with incredible and lasting quality, but the also have cute pictures of the true meaning of Easter and have a Scripture reference of the Easter story sewn on the sleeve. Each night as your child gets ready for bed, you can read the Scripture reference on the pajamas and discuss what Easter means. And as they wake up on Easter morning, you have a beautiful reminder right there of what the day is all about. Our family loves Holy Pals PJs because they super cozy but more importantly, they are a wonderful reminder of the Word of God. You can shop Holy Pals PJS HERE. Use code JENIFER10 for 10% off.

Let's make this year the year we help our kids grow in Jesus and learn the truth of what Easter means.

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