Monday, November 21, 2011

Counting A Few Sweet Blessings & Precious Moments

Today I am posting a Marriage Monday over at Woman to Woman Ministries.  Join us!

Traci from Ordinary Inspirations, challenged us to post a picture that is a favorite precious moment.  My family loves, I mean really loves, the beach.  This year we had such a wonderful time on vacation and we loved walking on the beach.  This is a favorite precious moment for me.

This week is of course Thanksgiving week, so today I want to continue counting some of my blessings.  God is always so faithful and I want to praise Him.
  1. Friday evening campout with my family.
  2. Falling asleep in front of the roaring fireplace while watching movies with the kids.
  3. God waking us up and hour later to shut the fire place down.
  4. Watching my daughter play her last volleyball game of the season.
  5. Reaching out to the church community.
  6. New faces at church.
  7. Sunday afternoon naps.
  8. Hot cocoa.
  9. Excitement for an upcoming adult night out with my church family to my favorite Japanese steakhouse.
  10. A blessing from the wonderful people at Hallmark Channel when I missed one of their tv movies.
  11. Seeing my son practice drums with the worship team in preparation for one day being a part of the team.
  12. Anticipation for what God has planned.
  13. Encouragement to show someone who may be hurting that they do matter and that there is someone who loves them.
What are you thankful for today?

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Sweet Blessings~

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  1. Great pic and great list! I love my Sunday afternoon naps too! I had a great one yesterday!!! :)

  2. I enjoy Revolution's music, so I would love to win this CD!!!
    That photo of your family is precious!!! I love your list of blessings.
    Would you be so kind as to pray for us? We have been asked to take a church here in our city and we are desperately seeking God's will, part of me would love to and part would love not to. But I truly want God's will. Thanks, dear lady, for being a praying friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Cindy, I will most definitely keep you and your husband in prayer. Praying that God will guide you and show you what His will is. Keep me posted friend!

  4. What a wonderful shot of your family!

  5. I love new music!!!

    The picture of your family at the beach is beautiful. I had fun working with your family on Saturday. :) Wonderful list today - I especially like #6, #9, and #12. Many blessings!

  6. Jenifer,

    What a beautiful picture of your family. You have a awesome list, I love Sunday afternoon naps, hot cocoa, and showing someone who needs encouragement that are loved and valued and cherished and beautiful.

    Blessings to you Jenifer.

  7. Hi Jenifer - love the family picture. You all so genuinely happy. Hard to find these days, and so precious
    God bless

  8. Found your blog via stringer mamas linky. Isn't it a great season to remind ourselves of how much we have to be thankful for?

  9. Such a sweet picture of your family. Love Sunday afternoon naps. Beautiful list. visting from ann's today

  10. Falling asleep in front of the roaring fire... love that! Wonderful list Jenifer :)

  11. Love the list girl! I even had a nap on Sunday...first one in a long time!

  12. Hi Jenifer, I'm over from Hear It on Sunday. How appropriate that your topic is family, for I just had a wonderful weekend reconnecting with far-away family and being so very thankful for there distant presence in my life. Peace to you and yours! ~Lori

  13. I am thankful for becoming a grandmother this year! Seems like yesterday when I walked the beach with my babies. Enjoy! They grow so quickly---right out from under our wings.


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