Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Encouragement

Please head over to Woman to Woman where today I am chatting about kids and snacking!

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Sweet Blessings~
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  2. When our Ugandan son, Sam, lived with us here in Omaha for a couple years, he was frustrated at times. It was b/c here in the States it was harder to recognize Christians as opposed to the time in Uganda. Here, a Christian could act nearly the same as anyone else... watching ungodly movies, TV shows, playing questionable video games, etc. Over there, we always saw that Christians walked carefully to represent the Lord.

    Definitely a necessity for us to place in our lives... whether with family or friends.

    Good reminder.

  3. Such a good quote from Moody. Certainly my prayer is that Christ's light will shine though me.

  4. What a GREAT quote!! Thank you for sharing, my friend!!

  5. Beautiful picture and wonderful encouragment!



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