Monday, July 30, 2012

Volleyball and Dates

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The Word tells us in 1 Timothy that we brought nothing into this world and cannot take anything out.  We are also told if we have basic clothes and food we are to be content and that God will provide these basic needs for His children.  Yet we always want more.  To read more, go over to Woman to Woman for Marriage Monday.  We are continuing the Love Dare with week/dare 24.

Continuing to count my 2012 blessings:

464. My daughter's volleyball camp.

465. Her excitement over being chosen for the varsity team.

466. Water balloon fights between the kids and youth in church.

467. Garage sales that help our family raise vacation money.

468. Watching the kids do a lemonade stand to raise their own spending money.

469. Cool shower after a very hot day and hard work.

470. Ice cream date with my youngest son.

471. Bike riding date with my oldest son.

472. The book of Romans.

473. Learning to speak my children's individual love languages.

474. The Olympic games.

475. Rain.  It wasn't a lot, but it was rain and much needed.

476. Playing Tic Tac Toe with my son.

477. Playing Ants In the Pants with my son.

478. A night of fun and shopping with girlfriends.

479. Worshiping with my church family.

480. A restaurant chain that stands for what the Bible says no matter the cost.

Please comment below with five things you are praising God for today.

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. Lovely list!! Learning the love language of my son was eye opening. He's a physical touch, quality time kid.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. five things...
    1. The morning sunrise alone with God and my cup of coffee.
    2. My morning hugs from the munchkins.
    3.The last few days of summer vacation to just do NOTHING.
    4. The smell of fresh cut grass (my son just finished the lawn).
    5. Sweet random texts from my husband while he is out of town.

    Love writing down my blessings. :)


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