Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tired But Who Cares

Here in the Midwest our temperatures have been around 105* each day.  My husband, Jeremy, works outside on top of roofs all day.  On top of tall buildings on a black tar roof, those 105* temps become 160* easily.  The heat wears him out.  The work wears him out.

His company decided to start earlier in the day so that the heat would not be quite as dangerous for the guys.  They decided to start at 4am.  That means he must leave our house by 3am and wake up around 2:30am.

Does 3 o'clock come twice a day?

Yesterday, being Independence Day, we normally go and watch the huge firework display at the army base close to us.  It is a great display and always so much fun to watch with our family and friends.  But it always means we don't get home until close to 11pm.  I told Jeremy that we should skip this year so that he could go to bed early so that he could get his eight hours of sleep.  The kids and I could watch the neighbors shoot their fireworks.  He needs his sleep.

Jeremy said no.  He wanted the kids to have this experience.  "July 4th only comes once a year and they deserve to have a great day," he said.  Now the truth is, my kids are a little older and understand his work schedule and that we all need sleep.  Our neighbors shoot off a decent firework display and they would have been okay with this.  No, it wouldn't have been as great as what the military puts on, but it would have been okay.

My husband sacrificed his sleep just so his kids could have a good day.

Sometimes in life we need to make sacrifices for our children.  For those we love.  It may mean sacrificing some "me" time so that we can play princess with our daughter.  Maybe sacrificing our favorite hobby to take our teenager out to practice driving.  Perhaps sacrifice sitting in the cold air conditioning because our children what to ride bikes in the driveway.  Or maybe sacrificing going to bed early on a day we are tired because our child has a problem and wants to talk with us.

Our children need to know that we are available to them at all times.  They need to feel loved and accepted by us.  What will you sacrifice for your child today?

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. I love that he wanted to sacrifice for them. It's so important and it's what they will remember when they are older. Blessings!

  2. I loved this! They are only with us a short time. We can do "our" things later. They need to be one of our top priorities now! Thank you for linking up friend!


  3. Sacrifice sure isn't in our nature! This is a beautiful picture of how Jesus sacrificed for us.:)

  4. My kids are all almost grown now and I don't regret one minute of spending as much time with them as I could. I believe I have a closer relationship with them now because of it. :) Great post!


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