Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Your Timeline

Please join me over at Woman to Woman today as I share a delicious cookie recipe!

Something for you to think about today...

From the moment of salvation until we enter Heaven, we should be growing closer to God. Each step, each notch on our life's timeline should point to Christ.

Can you honestly say that this is true in your life?

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. Hi Jenifer - great thought to consider. That certainly is my goal.
    God bless precious lady

  2. Great reminder to make sure we are moving forward. Yes I can say it's true!

  3. Oh how I want my life, my words, my actions to be reflective of the One who saved me. I pray people can see Jesus in me:)

  4. Thanks for encouraging me today, Jenifer, to be intentional about my spiritual progress. My line rarely is straight. ha. But I want it always to be going in the right direction.


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