Thursday, November 8, 2012

Look Me In The Eyes!

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Today's post is a repost from last summer.  This has been heavy on my heart the past week or so and I wanted to revisit this topic.

There is a commercial I saw on tv once. I can not remember what the ad was selling but I remember the message I got. The mom was inside the house and wanted her husband who was in the garage, so she sent him a text. Then she wanted to get her son from the backyard, so she texted him. I remember thinking how lazy that was! But the truth is, it happens all of the time. And yes, I have done it! If my child is in the other room, instead of walking in and speaking face to face I will text or instant message them.  It is just so easy instead of getting up.  Boy, do I sound lazy!

Or what about this one, your child is speaking to you and you are texting or on the computer and you just keep looking down at your device instead of giving your child eye contact? Yep, I've done that one too.  I have been guilty of nodding and saying "okay" and then my child walks away and I am not really sure what they said.

We expect our children to look at us when we are speaking to them, so why do we not see it as important to look at them?  Many times I have had to walk in front of the tv or pull a toy away and tell them, "Look me in the eye!"  But I am not giving them that same respect.

If this is you, maybe it is just me, I want to encourage you to be more conscious of this.  When you child is speaking to you, stop what you are doing and look at them.  If it is something important that can not wait, ask them to hold on for one second until you can stop, then give them your full attention.  This goes for our spouse too.  Let's get face to face and focus when our family is speaking to us.

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. Great post friend. I agree it is important to look each other in the when we are speaking to them and they to us. It shows respect and love. We need to be treating others the way that we would like to be treated. Thank you for linking up friend!


  2. A golden posting for me. Thank you.


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