Thursday, November 29, 2012

Me, Me, Me Or Jesus?

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Christmas time is fast approaching.  If you turn on the tv all you see is commercials of toys, electronics and more.  Commercials saying you need this, you have to have that.  Kids make Christmas lists a mile long then often go back and add to it later.

We have talked about ways to stay peaceful this holiday season, but what about teaching your kids to keep their focus on Jesus?

• In the rush of the season, do not forget family devotions.  Make it a priority.  Even if you only spend ten minutes a day, do it!

• Read the Christmas story straight from the Bible with your children, then discuss it.

• Consider doing an Advent study.  I started a new Advent study in my personal quiet time and we are doing it as a family as well.  My dear friend Shari from Leaving a Legacy has a good idea on an Advent study.  Click here.

• Christmas movies are fun to watch, but preview the movie before allowing the kids to watch.  If the movie is full of selfishness and greed, do not allow that movie.  When they watch it, that attitude can get into their heart.  Instead choose movies that talk about the birth of Christ or that focus on giving not receiving.

• Have each family member think of a Christmas present for Jesus during the month of December.  Then write down your gift to Him and on Christmas Eve, open them up and talk about them.  The gift could be to do a good deed, to witness to someone, to work on a bad attitude or habit, anything that shows us getting closer to God and doing His work.

• Encourage your children to have a spirit of giving.  Give them a $5 or $10 {more if you are in that position} and take them to the store and encourage them to buy a gift for someone else.  Donate it to Toys for Tots or take it to a child you know would be blessed by it.

• Have the children color pictures and make homemade cards, then visit a nursing home or children's hospital and pass out their pictures and cards.
Bake holiday treats and take them to neighbors and first responders with a message of Jesus' birth.

• If you have extra blankets or coats, wash them {or buy new if you are in that position} and donate them to a shelter.

This Christmas let's teach our children how to keep the focus on Jesus and not have a selfish heart.  What are some ways that you teach this to the kids?

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  1. We did Operation Christmas Child boxes for the first time this year. A friend of mine told me she and her family bake a cake and sing happy birthday to Jesus:)

  2. Thank you for the sweet reminders! :) Love the list!


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