Monday, July 8, 2013

A Relaxing Weekend

Our words are important. They bring life or death. Have you ever heard a man who speaks such pain and discouragement to someone? Do you know a man who is quick to speak without considering his words carefully? Perhaps you know a man who complains all of the time? Or maybe a man whose speech is angry and ungodly. Listening to these types of men can break a spirit and leave us feeling hurt and defeated.  To continue reading, please click HERE to head to Woman to Woman Minsitries.

Continuing to count my blessings...

1137. A wonderful baseball season for my boys.

1138. The season coming to an end. I love watching my boys play ball, but it will be nice to have some free evenings again.

1139. Celebrating America with family and friends.

1140. BBQ and swimming all day.

1141. Fireworks, they are so beautiful.

1142. The blessing of having my husband work closer to home, even if it was only one day. {He has been working two hours away each day.}

1143. Lunch with him, because he was so close.

1144. A relaxing Friday evening at home.

1145. Playing memory with my son.

1146. A relaxing Saturday at home.

1147. My church. I love my church family and feel so blessed to have them.

1148. A Sunday afternoon nap.

1149. A weekend to simply rest and reflect, it has been too long.

1150. Watching my kids make preparations to go swimming today.

What are you praising God for today? I'd love to hear. Comment with five things God has blessed you with.


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  1. 1. hubby took son to work the other night at 11pm AND went & picked him up again at 6am the next morning!
    2.Oldest son has job interview today--amazing opportunity here!
    3. Hubby brought Bojangles home for supper last night.
    4.Clay & Michael got to go play golf.
    5. Ice cream for dessert. ;-)


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