Monday, October 28, 2013

Beautiful Blessings

Sometimes we don't see our husband pray, so we assume he just doesn't pray. That isn't always true. Join me at Woman to Woman today as we discuss husbands that won't pray.

Counting the beautiful ways God blesses me...

1279. My chiropractor to get my bones lined back up.

1280. An evening with absolutely nothing to do. Dinner, relaxing with the family and early bedtime.

1281. Watching my niece play volleyball, she is following in her cousins's {my daughter's} footsteps.

1282. Beautiful sunsets this week, God's art work.

1283. Vicks that has helped me breath during a cold.

1284. My husband forcing me to stay home from Bible study to rest when I had a cold. I needed it.

1285. Watching my sons play football in the yard.

What are you praising God for today? Please comment below with at least five things. I love hearing how God is showing up in your life.

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