Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5 Ways To Help Your Kids Grow With Jesus

My kids are growing up so quickly. Some days I wish I could freeze time and enjoy the days a little longer. But I can't. Instead I have to embrace their growing up. My oldest daughter can now pretty much run anything in the house. My oldest son now mows the lawn on his own and has a job. My youngest daughter now bakes completely on her own and helps with dinner most nights. And my youngest son now reads all on his own and makes my grocery list for me. They are growing up before my eyes.

As much as it makes me teary eyed knowing my kids are growing, it also brings me joy. Especially when I see they are growing in Jesus too. Like when my daughters have their own quiet times at night or my sons talk about things they learned in church or ask for prayer.

As our kids grow, we need to make sure their faith in God is growing too. How can we make sure their walk with God is growing?

5 Ways to Help Your #Kids Grow with #Jesus. #parenting

Here are 5 ideas:
  1. Encourage them to have time alone with Jesus each day. One way to do this is by letting them see you have time with God and another way is to talk about it with them.
  2. Supply them with the things they need to have time with Jesus, like a Bible, a journal, a nice pen to write with, a pretty bookmark, instrumental or worship music, a devotional and a quiet place.
  3. Help them set up their quiet place. It could be their bedroom, maybe a special chair in the bedroom just for the time with God, maybe a spot in the living room or a spot on the deck. Give them a nice basket or tote bag to hold all of their items.
  4. Respect their time with God. When you know they are having that time, do not interrupt them to ask if they've done their chores or their homework. Give them the quiet time you desire to have.
  5. Talk to them about where they are reading. Ask if they have questions. Keep an open dialog going.
The more you encourage your kids to grow in Jesus, the more you will see growth in Jesus.

Teaching your #children to #grow with #Jesus. #parenting

Growing With Jesus is a great book of 100 devotions for kids. Each day has a scripture verse, short devotion, and thought/activity for the day. It's a great way for kids to grow in Jesus. Growing With Jesus shows kids God's creation from the Word of God and through the child's world. This devotional is great for a child's personal time with God and for family devotions.

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  1. Picking one thing that God has created as being the 'best' is almost impossible. That being said, because it is closest to my heart I'm going to say...family! :-)

  2. Oldest (boy, almost 11)--air to breathe, spiders, and the sun so that we don't freeze to death
    Middle (boy, almost 10)--shark, tiger, and dogs so that we can have pets
    Baby (girl, 8)--giraffe, food, and cats

    1. Your kids are so fun Hillary! Thanks for sharing!

  3. My boys would say, all things "creepy crawly"!!

  4. Rainbows -abbie

  5. My kids would say mommy and daddy

  6. My boys would probably say Mommy and Daddy too! Or monster trucks....

  7. My boys would probably say Mommy and Daddy too.... Possibly Monster trucks... ;)

  8. My kids would say Mommy and Daddy too... Possibly monster trucks.. ;)

  9. Great post! Sharing! My children are small but have been thinking of ways to get them to spend time with Jesus as they grow. Really want them to cultivate the habit of seeking His face! We do devotions with them & read a lot of stories for now. Thank you for this!


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