Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Night Prayer

I love my quiet time with Daddy God each morning. But I've found so many benefits of having some time with Him again at night.

When I spend time in prayer and Bible reading before I go to sleep, I find that I sleep much better. I find that my thoughts do not wander off to worrisome things. I find that I feel closer to God. When I fail to spend time with God at night, I can surely tell!

We have also made it a point to spend time with God as a family before bed. We talk about something good that has happened that day, we thank God for His blessings and we pray. This helps me kids to sleep better too.

It is important to teach our kids to spend time with God.

A Night Night #Prayer. #children #tommymommy

A Night Night Prayer is a beautiful board book for little ones. This sweet little alpaca tells his blessings night night and thanks Jesus for them. A Night Night Prayer will be precious night time reading book to teach your kids to pray.

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  1. Yes we pray with our kids before bed. :-)

  2. We do! In addition to their prayers, my kids like to pray the same prayer I prayed as a child!

  3. My kids are all grown...however I pray with my 2yr old Granddaughter whenever I have a chance!

  4. Would LOVE to have this book to read to my little ones. :)

  5. Yes every night! :)

  6. Yes! Would love to win this book to add to our night routine.

  7. When I remember to, with my 11-month-old...need to get better with a bedtime routine! This book looks wonderful :)


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