Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rejoice Even in Unhappy Times

Being happy isn't always easy. People let us down, bills come, sickness takes over, we become tired, and a long list of things that try to keep us from happiness. Yet even in those 'unhappy' times, we can still have joy!

Joy comes from God. Joy comes from knowing we have a Savior and that one day we will be with Him.

Even if you are facing some unhappy moments today, think of the joy we have in the Lord. Rejoice in Him and praise His holy name.

#rejoice in the #Lord always and again I say #rejoice. #philippians 4:4


  1. I'm all about choosing joy--for it is a choice. Your photograph of Scripture Art is beautiful. I'm rejoicing in this day! ~Pamela

  2. Hi Jenifer, my word for this year is joy and your post here today is a kind of mid-year reminder from whom JOY comes and that joy and happiness are not necessarily the same thing :)
    Thank you sweet friend
    God bless


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