Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Selfie Generation

My girls are growing up so fast. They are now 16 and 13 and such beautiful, precious young ladies. Each day my girls turn on the tv, open a magazine, boot up the computer or look at their cell phone, the world is telling them things. Things that are not true.

The world tells our girls how to act, what to say, what to feel and how to look in order to be "beautiful" and accepted. We have become so caught up in the selfie generation. Everything is about outer beauty, acceptance and showing everything off.

Our girls are learning, through entertainment and social media, that they have to be a certain way in order to attract a guy, and that they do need a guy, yet they need to be fully independent at the same time. They yearn for "likes" and "follows" to make them feel wanted and accepted.

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Our girls need to understand something very important:

You are beautiful
You are valuable
You are enough

In her book Enough: 10 Things We Should Be Telling Teenage Girls, Kate Conner tells us "Every minute of every day they are receiving messages that say, 'You need improving and your as-is self is not enough." It's time we combat what they are hearing with the truth.

Kate reminds us "If you only teach your teenage girl one thing, teach her to come to Jesus, and you come too." We need to teach our kids what really matters: their heart and their relationship with God. It's time to prove to them that they are beautiful and valuable and that they are enough.

A friend of mine recently posted this on Facebook:
Sick of this selfie generation.... Don't get me wrong I have taken some but obviously it has gone too far when most commercials for cellphones revolve around their ability to take a selfie. However what I'm more sick of is the Christian selfie generation.....
I am not here to say taking a selfie is bad. But I am here to ask, why are we taking selfies? Is it to gain approval? To show off? To catch someone's eye? What is the purpose? Where is our heart?

Let's help our girls find their worth and acceptance in Jesus.

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  1. The biggest struggle is all the negative comments my daughters say about themselves. . I never was worried about that when I was my daughter's ages.. not as much..

    1. So true! Their negative comments about themselves are so heartbreaking. I am realizing that I need to watch how I view myself and talk about myself and be a good example to my girls in this area. Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Selfie = self absorbed. I have a hard time with it.

    1. Lucia, I too have a hard time with it. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Such great info. This book sounds great.. I so agree with you..it seems social media has more influence on our children than we do....sad :(. I work regularly with women who are struggling with life controlling issues. It is only through an intimate relationship with Jesus that helps them begin to understand their value and self worth..There is such relief to them when they understand Jesus accepts them as they are....He values a relationship with them... He pursues them..Yes I so agree, teaching women to go after Jesus is vital..Thanks for sharing this.. I would love to have this book.. Blessings!

    1. I agree that is only through a close relationship with the Father that they will begin to see their worth. Thank you for stopping by Patty!


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