Monday, July 28, 2014

Praising God A Little More

Too often gentleness, or meekness, is mistaken for weakness. Today we are talking about being gentle in marriage. Join me? Click HERE.

Praising God for the ways He has blessed me. #thanksgiving #gratefulness

Last week, I renewed my commitment to count my blessings. Today I am excited to continuing counting...

1566. Realizing I have been heartburn free for a month now.

1567. Going a whole month without Pepsi.

1568. Realizing I will be okay without Pepsi.

1569. Realizing maybe the Pepsi and heartburn went hand in hand?

1570. Surviving two of my teens getting their permit. {I now have two drivers. Pray for me please?}

1571. A quiet weekend at home with my girls.

1572. My husband taking our sons fishing with the guys at church. Christian male bonding, I love that.

1573. A warm summer rain.

What are your blessings? Let's praise God together! Share with us in the comments!

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