Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Teaching Through Books

Sometimes we try to teach our kids something and feel like we are hitting our head on a brick wall! Have you been there? Maybe it's just me.

There are times when out of the blue the lessons we have worked so hard to teach our kids, finally click in. They get it! And there are times when we need that extra boost. That is one of the reasons I love inspirational children's movies and books so much. Those little lessons we may not be getting to sink into their hearts, they can read in a book and understand it.

Little Critter has two new books that will teach your children to be thankful and to forgive. Two important lessons for our kids.

We all goof up sometimes and if we want forgiveness, we need to forgive others. In We All Need Forgiveness, Critter learns that forgiving doesn't just help others, but makes us feel better too.

Sometimes we don't get the things we want, and while that may be hard, we need to learn to be content and thankful with what we have. In Being Thankful, Critter learns why it is important to be thankful for what we have.

Teaching our kids about #forgiveness and #thankfulness through #LittleCritters. #parenting #childrensbook

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