Monday, September 8, 2014

Back From Vacation & Praising God

Have you ever heard your mother, or anyone else, say, "It's not what you said, but the way you said it"? Sometimes our words are good but our attitude is not. Join us at Woman to Woman Ministries as we discuss our tone of voice and body language while we speak in marriage.

Continuing to count the amazing ways God is blessing me each and every day...

1596. My beautiful Mamaw who celebrated her birthday last week. My Mamaw is an amazing woman and I am so blessed to have her as my grandmother and friend.

1597. 10 days away with my husband, children and parents.

1598. The blessing of vacation.

1599. Safe travels to, from and while on vacation.

1600. The sound of the ocean.

1601. The closeness I feel to God when looking out over the vast ocean.

1602. The feel of sand under my feet.

1603. Seeing my children laugh and play.

1604. Parasailing and the peace it brings.

1605. Not putting my wedding ring into my purse while we parasailed. I almost did and at the last moment decided to put it somewhere else and then my purse was stolen, before I would have gotten my ring out. So thankful God prompted me to not put it in my purse.

1606. Late nights playing card games in our hotel room.

1607. Delicious food we indulge in only on vacation.

1608. Seeing the beautiful mountains as we pass through.

1609. Reading my daughter's poetic words she types out as she sees the mountains.

1610. Getting to rest, refresh, reflect and reconnect as a family.

What are your blessings? I want to praise God with you! Share with us in the comments!

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