Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fruit-Full Kids

This past spring I came to a point where I was fed up with attitudes from my kids. Well, to be honest, from the whole family, me included. There were times I felt like my kids hated each other and I wondered if we could just have one single good day.

I began to pray the Fruits of the Spirit over my family. I prayed that we would all display love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. I prayed this in my own quite time, I prayed this during our morning family devotions, I prayed this during our bedtime prayers, I even prayed it during mealtime prayers some days. I desperately wanted the Fruits of the Spirit to be evident in my home and family.

If I've learned anything as a parent, I have learned that the more kids are faced with something, the more it gets into their heads and hearts. So we prayed the Fruits of the Spirit, we read the verse, we memorized it and we practiced it.

Does this mean our days are now perfect? Oh my heavens no! But it does mean I see evidence of fruits. Some days it is the slightest shred of evidence, but I see it. Maybe that's just it, me recognizing it. I see the kids playing legos together and sharing pieces, kindness. I see the kids taking turns picking movies to watch, patience. I hear late night chats and giggles coming from bedrooms, love. I see the fruits.

So we continue to talk about the fruits, we continue to pray about it, we continue to recite the verse, we are intentional about keeping it at the forefront of our mind and heart.

#FruitfulKids #kidsplates

One way we are keeping the fruits at the forefront of our mind and heart is with Fruit-Full KidsFruit-Full Kids is a company dedicated to feeding your kids faith. They do this with the cutest plates! Plates perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even dessert. These bright colored plates display Scripture such as the Fruits of the Spirit, the golden rule, fruitful follower and gracious giver.

#FruitfulKids #kidsplates

#FruitfulKids #kidsplates

I have to admit ever since my oldest began eating 'big' food, I have been a plate maniac! Every time I saw a cute plate or place setting, I had to have it. My husband always asked me how many we possibly needed! I loved all of the cute characters. But I will happily tell you that none of those cute characters could ever measure up and have now been replaced by Fruit-Full Kids! These plates are a strong, high quality reminder of God's Word as my kids eat.

One of the many things I love about Fruit-Full Kids is the story of how this company began. Another desperate mama in need of a plan. Click here to read their story.

Fruit-Full Kids not only makes a colorful, Biblical reminder for your meals, but they make a great gift! Begin your Christmas shopping early with Fruit-Full Kids. Laurie, the Fruit-Full Kids mama, has graciously offered a 20% discount! Just enter the code SAVE20.

Get your Fruit-Full Kids now and keep the Word of God the center of your meal and your day!

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  1. I found your blog through Faithful Bloggers. I have a link up titled "First Day Praise" each week over at Grace, Mercy, and Generosity. I'd love you to join us. You share much you are thankful for. Many of us miss Ann Voskamp's link up, which prompted me to begin this party. Thank you for considering.

    Your family and blog are beautiful!
    Mrs. C


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