Friday, October 31, 2014

Devotions for Kids

As much as I love Bibles for kids, I also love devotional books for kids. Devotionals are great tools to help us study and understand the Bible. Just as much as we need devotionals for this reason, so do kids.

I love children's devotionals for my family. We use them for our Bible study before school each day. My kids also love to do them on their own. So any time I can get my hands on devotionals for children, I am excited!

Today I want to share three great devotionals with you.

The Beauty of Believing is the newest in the FaithGirlz series and is a 365 day devotional for tween girls. Faith, like a flower, needs soil, water and sun, spiritual food, to grow. Each day gives your girl Scripture verses to read, a devotional, some girl talk and some God talk.
Devotional for your girl. #parenting #Bible #devotional

Just Saying is another great devo for your girl. With 90 devotions that not only give her something to read and think on, but also gives her something to doodle! Each day has something new to write, draw and hide in their heart!
Devotional for your girl. #parenting #Bible #devotional

Dare U 2 Open This Book is just for the guys! Didn't think we'd leave your boy out did you? This 90 day boy's devo, like Just Saying, gives him the Word of God and gives him something to write, draw and hide in his heart. This book is a great way to get your son studying the Word of God.
Devotional for your boy. #parenting #Bible #devotional

Friends, I cannot encourage you enough to get your child a devotional. They need something special, just for them, to help them as they learn to navigate through the Bible.

IDEA: A great Christmas gift would be a new Bible and devotional to call their own!

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